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Larry Jackson

Larry Jackson is the owner and operator of Synergy Coach and Resolve Fitness, Inc.

Owner and operator, Larry Jackson worked as a Performance and Rehabilitation Specialist with the 2005-2006 New England Patriots and the 2007-2008 Indianapolis Colts. Larry, a 2004 graduate of the University of Kentucky, worked at a local YMCA before going back to school to start work on a degree in athletic training. He did so to integrate rehabilitation concepts with exercise as he would get a lot of questions about injuries, aches, and pain as a wellness center attendant. In 2009, Larry graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with an Athletic Training degree. Later, he attended Lexington Healing Arts to receive a license in massage. Larry Jackson utilized his background as a rehabilitation and performance specialist to not only create an integrated system for Synergy Coach clients, but to help other coaches start and grow their own small businesses. In 2018 and 2019, the company helped launch two more small businesses while maintaining its business growth in the process. Synergy Coach celebrated seven years September 24, 2019.

After successfully helping two local minority entrepreneurs start their own fitness businesses, he started wondering what other under-served populations could use his coaching to create job opportunities within an exciting field. His passion for coaching others and investment with having an executive coach lead him to creating a wellness incubator, Resolve Fitness, Inc. The new vibrant non-profit team has plans to create more second chance employment opportunities for individuals who have triumphed pain to breathe life into the RESOLVE of others.

In 2019, Larry and his team filed for the non-profit and established a board of directors and bylaws. Larry became certified in Yoga; received another certification in Trauma informed Yoga; attended DV8 Kitchen’s 2 day “Soulful Enterprise workshop”; and became a vendor with Fayette County public schools where he is teaching meditation and Yoga to at risk youth as of January 2020. Larry has volunteered by teaching meditation and yoga to DV8 Kitchen, The Hope Center, and to teachers at Williams Wells Brown (a local promise academy) this past fall!

Synergy Coach sponsored an event called “Trap Yoga” (Yoga with Hip Hop music) for its first time in 2018. The sponsorship was done to create inclusiveness in the yoga space here in Lexington. Since starting this initiative, Synergy Coach and Resolve have serviced over 100 young professionals of color, with its last event being at the University of Kentucky last fall! Currently, Resolve Fitness, Inc. focused on creating a mentorship program for young professionals as Larry sits on the Commerce Lexington’s “Emerging Leader of the Bluegrass” Steering Committee. Resolve Fitness, Inc. has partnered with the University of Kentucky Athletics to develop a new mentoring program that connects young professionals of color to athletes of color. “The Human Athlete Project.” In January, 15 athletes of color were paired with 15 young professionals of color within the same fields of interest spanning from medicine to entrepreneurship.

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