Breakout Session Descriptions

BREAKOUT SESSIONS: 10:15 – 11:15 a.m.

Corporate Innovation
As the rate of technological change and market disruption increases, corporate companies, more than ever, must innovate to survive. Corporations face many challenges due to their size including delayed adoption, firmly established processes, and a lack of innovation. In this session, participants will learn about mistakes to avoid and practical steps that foster freedom, creativity, and innovation.

Speaker: Mike Hilton, Awesome Inc’s Director of Venture Labs, a corporate innovation workshop.


Marketing Yourself
In today’s culture, professional growth often requires marketing yourself. This interactive session provides effective strategies for the marketing of yourself in-person, on paper, and digitally. Specific topics will include marketing yourself at evaluation intervals, “360 style” marketing, peer-to-peer marketing, personal advocacy, and self-awareness. Written strategies will include how to promote yourself with humility, inter-company communications, and intra-company communications. Digital communication strategies will focus on specific platforms and how to filter content to promote your personal brand for professional growth.

Speakers: Allen McDaniel, Executive Director, Lexington Clinic Foundation and Hurriyat Ghayyur, Director- Marketing & Communications, Lexington Clinic.


How to Create an Inclusive Team
Inclusive teams produce positive impacts on their organizations and communities. This panel discussion will highlight strategies for recruiting, building, and maintaining inclusive teams. The discussion will include practical steps businesses can take to create inviting environments in their organization and share best practices for creating more welcoming places. The panelists will share their experiences and how they have been successful in developing inclusive teams that impact their organizations and community.

Speakers: Salvador Sanchez, Owner, Cup of Common Wealth/Chocolate Holler, Toa Green, Owner, Crank & Boom Craft Ice Cream, Christian Motley, Senior Manager of Policy and Partnerships, StriveTogether, and Larry Jackson, Owner, Synergy Coach.


Lexington From the Youth Perspective
Lexington is full of bright minds, including our young people. Lexington’s youth have opinions and ideas about our community that matter and should be considered when working towards solutions for issues our community is facing. They also have big goals and varying visions of Lexington’s future. In this session, you will hear from high school leaders about what Lexington means to them and how they would like to see the city move forward in the future.

Moderated by Christian Adair, who works with Fayette County Public Schools as the district Educating Boys of Color Coordinator.


The Important Role of Young Leaders in Civic Engagement

Discover the importance and impact of young professionals in public service. Learn which avenues can take you to have a voice in community and state change.  Are you ready to be on a board? Are you ready to be on a ballot? Now more than ever, we hear that people want more young people involved…but what does that really mean, and how can you make it happen? Learn why all these things are important and what opportunities are waiting for you.

Speaker: Ashli Watts, President and CEO, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.


BREAKOUT SESSIONS: 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

Become a Lexington “Co-Creator” Workshop
Last Year, Peter Kageyama, author of “For the Love of Cities,” hosted the EMERGE keynote on the significance of “placemaking,” a collaborative process that invites all community members to reimagine and reinvent public spaces implemented by “co-creators.”  Co-creators are unofficial community designers that make cities and communities unique. This interactive breakout will expand on Peter’s keynote by highlighting interesting people and current projects in Lexington and facilitating a workshop on how you can become a co-creator by doing simple things in your community or neighborhood to make it unique and attractive.

Speakers: Jamie Rodgers, Deputy Director, National Association of State Chief Administrators, AMR; Brandi Peacher, Director of Project Management, Office of the Mayor; Samantha Johnson, Director of the Night Market; and Rebekah Radtke, Assistant Professor in the UK College of Design School of Interiors.


Move Over, Millennials – GenZ is Hitting the Workforce!
As a new generation enters the workforce, it’s important to consider how GenZ’s ways of gathering, consuming, and processing information is substantially different than their predecessors.  Meanwhile, another shift is taking shape: the gig economy is changing the way companies find and utilize talent. While working nine-to-five is still the norm, the gig economy can help organizations source talent and build pipelines.  Whether it’s designing marketing strategies that speak to GenZ or learning how you can leverage the gig economy, participants will learn how to successfully connect with this new generation in an evolving business landscape.

Speakers: Rachel Brand, Assistant Director of Employer Relations & Community Outreach, Stuckert Career Center at UK, and Josh Taylor, Assistant Director, Graham Office of Career Management at UK.


Creating, Maintaining and Adapting Your Social Media Brand
“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends.  If you make customers unhappy on the internet, they can reach 6,000 friends.” – Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.  In this breakout session, attendees will get a behind the scenes look at how Country Boy Brewing stays at the forefront of the ever-evolving social media environment.  Chainey Turner and Daniel “DH” Harrison will share how they’ve established their identity on multiple platforms and how they ensure the Country Boy Brewing brand remains current and relevant on Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Speakers: Daniel “DH” Harrison and Chainey Turner with Country Boy Brewing.


Creating Space with Matt Johnson
Everyone has the same amount of time each day, but how do we spend our time, and how much energy do we have from moment-to-moment? What if we strategically scheduled breaks, or “white space,” between activities to get focused, be more present, and be more productive?  In this session, Matt Johnson will teach us how to create more space for ourselves and our teams so we can thrive in a busy world.

Speaker: Matt Johnson, Opening Keynote Speaker for Emerge 2020.


BREAKOUT SESSIONS: 2:45 – 3:45 p.m.

Engaging Your Network
Leveraging your personal and professional networks is critical to finding success in business and to positively impacting your community.  In this breakout session, presenters will delve into what it takes to effectively engage your networks and how this can affect your business and community.  Join us as we explore this important topic through roundtable discussions with some of Lexington’s foremost experts on networking.

Speakers: Bart Giles, Founder of The Referrals Group, Raymond Daniels, Entrepreneur and Community Leader, Melissa Moore Murphy, City of Lexington, and Liz Davenport Hodge, Realtor, LifStyl Real Estate KY.


Tourism: Marketing the Community
Bourbon, horses, and a specific shade of blue. How Lexington is perceived by outsiders is no mistake. VisitLEX, Lexington’s tourism organization has worked hard to expand the reputation of our city and what we have to offer. Gathan Borden, VisitLEX’s Vice President of Marketing, will share how one organization is helping shape the perception of our city and will expand on what role the community plays in influencing its work.

Speaker: Gathan Borden, Vice President of Marketing, VisitLEX.


Quieting the Mind with Matt Johnson
Humans have an incredible capacity to tap into the power of the mind. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the skills to turn on this true superpower.  In this workshop, our opening keynote speaker, Matt Johnson, discusses the power of the mind and shares tips for tapping into your greatest potential.

Speaker: Matt Johnson, Opening Keynote Speaker for Emerge 2020.


The Power of Imperfection
Perfection is the most pervasive thing holding people back. It puts a ceiling on our careers, our relationships, and our dreams. It tells us that nothing is ever good enough. It’s a trap that keeps us disconnected from joy, from creativity, from your potential, from relationships, and from love. Fear, shame, and guilt are what keeps us stuck in perfectionism. In order to break free from perfection, we must face our fears and learn the Power of Imperfection. In this interactive session, participants will be empowered and equipped with the tools necessary to embrace imperfection and build their confidence.

Speaker: Vitale Buford, Executive Coach, Speaker, and Change Agent.


As a special offer to early registrants, you will have the opportunity to sign up for a Deep Dive Workshop on the Enneagram personality assessment with Dr. Virgil Grant. This will take place during Break Out Sessions 2 and 3 at the conference and is limited to 50 participants. You will need to register in advance, and while this workshop is free, attendees must commit to both breakout session timeslots in the afternoon in order to participate (a break will be built in to coincide with conference agenda break).

Personal Awareness [Two-Part Session]
DEEP DIVE: Enneagram Personality Assessment
Discover your Enneagram type through a 2-hour deep dive session that explains what the Enneagram is, what is its value, how you can apply it to your life, an overview of all 9 Enneagram types, and much more.

Speaker: Dr. Virgil Grant, StratOp/LifePlan Guide